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If you want to remain in business today, you cannot miss the Internet. E-commerce is fast increasing. As a result, there is diversification in network supply. In any case, customers always look for the right product at the best price. So start now with your own price comparison shop.

Price comparison shop

Immediately 20% commission on all purchases! Even on your own!


Annual fee is due only after the entry of the first partner!

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Start the price comparison platform Buyezee now for free. Your entry into the e-commerce business is quickly realizable. You don’t need programmers. You can also look forward to every purchase from the beginning. In other words, a commission is generated from every purchase in your free shop. This means, you have a 20% share in any commission that a shop ejects on the Buyezee-JAHE123 platform. Even if you shop yourself!

6 packages are available. Millions of products and services can be offered in your shop. Offers are unlimited. National and international new shops are added every day. Large companies are involved. So you are in the best company.

A secure foundation in
e-commerce, JAHE123!

Do not wait any longer. Use this opportunity to profit from a global advertising business. Getting started is easy! This gives you a basis for a business which until now has been reserved for large-scale conglomerates.

Use the possibilities in e-commerce.

Buyezee comes with an extensive program. For this reason, Buyezee partners can earn money online and offline in a variety of ways. With the right commitment and the desire to bring your business forward, you have all the options to use the Buyezee platform for your business. Finally, real interest and your commitment ensure success. Given your commitment, you can certainly rise to the top 20 millionaires produced by the Internet.

JAHE123 introduces the shopping world of Buyezee

Buyezee was founded in 2014. 3 years of intensive work and dedication show an effect. As the Buyezee platform ensures the transparency of the offers, an interested visitor has the advantage of comparing many offers. The offer is constantly being expanded and local interests are taken into account in many countries. Regional services are also available. For this, local country and city offers are available for daily needs. Additionally, the extensive support of the Buyezee management team is guaranteed for all partners.
I use JAHE123, the Buyezee platform in order to participate in the global trends.

JAHE123-der grosse Preisvergleich von OnlineShops

Online Shopping with JAHE123

For this reason, JAHE123 has installed the shopjahe123. Buyezee is now able to participate in the very lucrative e-commerce business. That's why I invite all entrepreneurs, affiliates and newcomers to get to know Buyezee. Moreover, JAHE123 offers them a free partner shop for the start. You can already buy and co-contribute. In addition, you will find a lot of interesting offers in direct comparison in your Buyezee-Shop, without constantly striving the search engines.
Examples can be seen here. Try these options.

47,724,747 ad views in the last 30 days speak for themselves.

Digital advertising with JAHE123

Whoever looks at TV advertising will find that all companies and brands in their advertising block offer direct access to their offer on the Internet. Leading institutes forecast for 2017 that the online advertising the classic TV advertising will overtake. By becoming Buyezee Shopowner and Buyezee Shopreneur, you can also use the Buyezee ADSystem to place digital advertising. You can offer these advertisements and sell them to customers. There are promotional packages in different price classes. Buyezee guarantees a transparent billing of clicks.

This includes:
1. Maximum billing of view / click per ad.
2. Billing per person or per hour.
3. Prevention of advertising abuse.
4. No billing of automated robots & spider bots.
5. Traceable traffic.
6. You pay only for 100% display quality.

JAHE123-der grosse Preisvergleich von OnlineShops

Start your own home business now with JAHE123

Therefore, start your own Buyezee Homebusiness now by clicking on the button below. Sign up, it's worth it! By signing up now you can immediately set up your own Buyezee shop. Afterwards, you can test the extensive merge possibilities in your BackOffice.
In addition, you have an extensive database in your Buyezee BackOffice. Here we show you how Buyezee works and how to use the platform profitably. And that already in four languages! English, German, Russian and Vietnamese. Other languages are in preparation.